About Alec

Growing up I always had a strong interest in art. I would draw on anything and everything in my house from furniture to important documents my parents left laying out and at school on the desks, tests and even my homework. I never really had an interest in tattooing because it looked way too difficult to me. The first time I saw a tattoo get done in person I was about 18 and my dad took me with him to his tattoo appointment to watch and ask questions to see if it would spark an interest to me. Immediately after watching and asking questions I had thought I convinced myself that it was something I wasn’t capable of doing. Some time later a couple friends of mine had got ahold of some tattoo machines and were messing around at their houses. After watching them create these tattoos without any sort of training I thought to myself “maybe I can do it too”.  I started tattooing in 2009 and got an apprenticeship with Steve Soto at Good Fellas Tattoo in 2011. During my apprenticeship I worked full time as a courtesy clerk at stater brothers and went to school full time as well. I still work with Steve  to this day.


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